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A wedding registry is one of those things that often get pushed along on the "To Do" list, and eventually becomes a big headache and is consequently done in a hurry without much thought. This is one of the reasons many wedding guests hate wedding registries because they feel like they are buying useless and/or expensive "stuff". Follow these points and you and your guests will be happier with the gift giving process:

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1. Share the work

Don’t do this by yourself. You are getting married and your partner has just as much right to contribute to this list as you. If your partner hates shopping, maybe make a list at home by using online shopping channels. However, some gift items like towels, linen etc. are best shopped for in person as quality, feel, and colours vary hugely.

  • wedding registry list

    2. Start with what you need

    It may seem obvious, but the best way to start your list is to think about what you really need. Make the presents on your registry unique for you and your partner, so guests feel more connected to the gifts as well. There is not much joy in giving a set of fancy crystal glasses the guests will know will only sit in the cupboard collecting dust, but a cooking lesson for the 2 of you will feel a lot more personal and therefor more enjoyable to gift.

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    3. Download online list

    Still unsure? Download a generic tick list and go from there.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for things like a spa treatment or fancy date-night dinners. When you build your registry, go in your mind from room to room.  Larger items like a mattress or furniture, can not be physically given to you on your wedding day, so make sure the retailer you pick does deliver for your guests.

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    4. Price points

    Make sure you have a variety of price points, heavy on the more affordable side, as some guests prefer to buy 2 or 3 cheaper items than 1 more expensive one. On the other hand if you have invited a lot of friends that know each other, you might be lucky and they put together for one of your bigger ticket items, especially if they know it is something you always wanted or need. Always have more presents on the list than you think you will get (about twice as many presents than guests), so even the last to buy still has some good choices. Always choose quality over quantity. You might also want to add a cash option, say for a honeymoon fund or similar.

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    5. Have multiple registries

    Rather than having 1 registry at one retailer, set up multiple registries at different retailers. This will make it easier for you to incorporate all the things you want or need and makes it easier for your guests to buy for you, as they might not have your chosen retailer close to where they live. Just make sure you do not double up items at different retailers. It also helps to check the stores return policy, just in case something goes wrong or you change your mind.

  • online wedding registry list

    6. Keep your list updated

    Take your time building up your registry and check in on it on a regular basis. You might also find that you have changed your mind about certain items and might want to delete or add to your list. Also when there is a lot of time between the set up of your registry and your wedding date, you will find that you will purchase some of the items on your list yourself or items have been discontinued, so keep checking your registry for accuracy.


Thank You notes

For all gifts arriving before the wedding, let your guests know promptly that their gifts have arrived. For gifts received before the wedding a ‘thank you’ note should be sent within two weeks. For gifts received at the wedding you have up to 3 months to send your ‘thank you’ note. In all notes make sure to mention the gift giver and the gift by name. To make things easier have your ‘thank you’ notes, envelopes, stamps, good writing pen and addresses ready to go, so you can write your notes at any time without delay.

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    1: Don’t try to write all your notes in one day.
    2: Sign all notes with both your names
    3: If you received a group gift, send an individual thank you note to everyone in the group
    4: Make a spreadsheet of all guests, their presents and the date you send the thank you note.
    5 : Make your Thank you note stationary really pretty - you and your guests will love them even more that way
    6: Share the note writing with your partner