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2019 is the year of ‘after the royal weddings’, so some of the trends will be inspired by those very public weddings, with glamorous, simple and elegant being the buzzwords, but there will also be a continuation of the 2018 trends.  Minimalism is still popular and when applied to all aspects of the wedding creates a clean and sophisticated look.

    • Bold colour choices

      1. Color Palette

      Pantones colour of 2019 is ‘Living Coral, a bright, pinky-orange, that is perfect for weddings, especially for a sunny summer wedding.

      Rose gold and copper are just hanging on, but the real star for 2019 are rich and bright colours.  Turquoise is touted as the new colour for this year, but my bet is on a rich blue, with gold accents, especially for table decorations, with velvet the fabric of choice.

    • Wedding Floral Display

      2. Wedding Flowers

      Flowers in 2019 will continue to be more colourful, with moody tones and lots of foliage. Arrangements are going to be whimsical and lush with emphasis on a more organic look. Non traditional components like wheat and pampas grass are everywhere. Foliage is still a favourite, add it to your bouquet, let it hang from the ceiling or decorate your table with it. A dramatic arch is very on trend and filled up with greenery and balloons, even a modest budget can achieve a great result. Be creative, even fruit can make a great addition to your floral displays, especially on the tables.
      The bridal bouquet is getting smaller and more meaningful. Use flowers that have a meaning to you or your family, like your or your mums favourite bloom. If you use a lot of flowers for decoration, get your florist to make up small bouquets at the end of the day and give them away as your wedding favours.

    • 3. 'Painted' Wedding Cake

      Focal point wedding cakes are making a comeback, after dessert stations have taken over the last couple of years. Real flowers are still popular, but the real difference is in the icing: spatula painted! These cakes are colourful and look like they have been decorated straight from an artists’ palette. Let your creative juices flow and create something special and personal. Modern weddings are all about bespoke and personal, so don't let this opportunity, to make your wedding special for you and your guests, slip away.

    • TransparentWedding Decor

      4. Balloon Arches

      Flower walls are out, balloon arches are in. Many couples are using lots of balloons, replacing some of the flower displays with balloons instead. Balloons are a lot cheaper than flowers, especially if you don’t use helium for all of them, yet still make for a wonderful effect, and inspire the notion of something special happening. Colour coordinating balloons is also a lot easier than flowers. Combining flowers and balloons will make for a most delightful display.

    • Wedding Food

      5. Modern Wedding Food

      The royal weddings in 2018 are likely to inspire couples to make more opulent choices. Personalized monograms, gold accents and regal piping on amazing wedding cakes, crystal glasses, lace and velvet on the table, golden cutlery are all back for the classic and elegant ballroom wedding. Parallel to this more traditional trend is the continuation of food stations, food vans and other more relaxed food choices. Trendy are cocktails named after the bride and groom, smaller bites and more personalized food. Prosecco vans, mobile bars and mixologists are every ones favourite right now. Consider going all organic or vegetarian. Whichever way you decide, it’s all about bespoke.

    • Engagement ring

      6. Engagement Ring

      Diamonds have been the rock of choice for generations when it comes to engagement rings. Todays’ modern bride is less constraint in her choices and lately opals and other colourful stones have become more and more popular as an engagement ring. Another great choice are rainbow engagement rings with multi coloured sapphires.

    • reducing guest list

      7. Headpiece

      Statement headpieces are on trend in 2019. Choose between baroque style crowns, extravagant halos and sparkly tiaras, depending on the style of your wedding. Veils are still in, so if you are planning to wear one, make sure your headpiece matches your veil. Don’t forget to take your headpiece with you when you discuss your hairstyle with your hair and makeup artist.

    • Wedding Entertainment

      8. Entertaining Guests

      Couples are trying to give their guests more of an experience and come up with ever more interesting ideas to make their wedding day unforgettable. Sure, DJ or wedding singers are still on the list, but new ideas like wedding glitter stations, food related activities like cocktail mixing, caricaturists, Bubble tea stations, fire eaters, belly dancing and Virtual reality are all possibilities.
      Photo Booths have enjoyed a good run, however video booth are now more popular.

    • Grooms suit, wedding suit

      9. Grooms Attire

      After years of loose-fitting everything, 2019 will see more three piece suits and slim fitting tops and bottoms. Tailored and fitted is best and when it’s time to hit the dance floor, the jacket can stay behind and the slim fit shirt and tailored vest will still look great, without being restricting. Roll up your sleeves for a cool, confident and more relaxed look. Colours can be brighter here too, with shades of blue still one of the favourites, followed by purple and burgundy. Let your personality shine and opt for something a bit out of the ordinary.

    • wedding dress, trends 2019

      10. Wedding Dress

      Comfort has priority, especially after the ceremony, and what would be more comfortable than free flowing pants on your wedding day – functional yet elegant and great for your minimalistic wedding.   If you do stick with the more traditional wedding dress, be daring and add a touch of colour.  Delicate shades of blue are the colour for 2019.  If you want to be more subtle, add a coloured ribbon, with black being the favourite colour here.  Long veils (preferably with polka dots), or capes (very sheer!), are great accessories and make even the most paired back dress look special.  Capes work especially well with off the shoulder dresses.  If you love sparkle, you can still get away with a metallic wedding dress, with silver being the most popular colour here.  While in the past small embroidered flowers were everywhere, designers are now supersizing flower embroidery and plush applique.  When you go for this style, keep your bouquet small, you don’t want the flowers on your dress to clash with the flowers in your hand.  Feathers are still in too, however they are used in a bolder style as well, so make sure you don’t overdo it or you might look too theatrical.  The same goes for bows, which have become focal points rather than little finishing touches.  Halternecks are becoming increasingly popular too.

Some of the 2018 trends are still trending now, so for more inspiration check out last years trends.

Wedding Trends 2019

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