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Most wedding venues will provide you with the most glorious food for you and your guest. However, if you are organizing your own outdoor wedding and you are on a budget, here are the wedding food trends for you. In 2018 the more informal wedding food continues its popularity. This is not to say that wedding food is the same as any other event food, but the unwritten rules of wedding grub have certainly been relaxed and choices have been expanded.
Here are some of our favourite wedding adjusted food trends, that are definitely ‘Insta-worthy’!

    • Wedding donut wall

      1. Doughnut Walls

      Doughnuts are every ones favourite and they are fantastically versatile. You can let your artistic mind go crazy with this humble little cake. Arrange them on your wall to spell words, make patterns, colour coordinate them with your theme, decorate them and the rest of your wall and you will have a masterpiece of deliciousness. If you like the idea of individual portions like doughnuts, why not make your wedding cake from little doughnuts (or cupcakes), arranged on tiered platters underneath your doughnut wall.

    • Wedding Food Buffet

      2. Food Station

      What could be better than a table laden with delicious food, decorated to your taste, with something for everyone. You can custom make your buffet and follow the theme of your wedding. This type of food display ideally lends itself to garden or barn weddings and can be used for either a sit down meal or a stand around and mingle meal. For best flow on the day, keep each course or theme on a different table, so it doesn’t get too crowded once the food stations are opened. Our eyes eat too, so spend some time on presentation as this type of display is ideal to get everyone excited about the food and snap happy on their phones.

    • budget wedding food truck

      3. Food Trucks

      For a large outdoor wedding why not employ the services of a few different food trucks. They are no longer the dodgy stands you used to see on the street corner, even some famous chefs now opt to sell their culinary delights from food trucks. Make sure you get a variety of different food trucks to cover all bases from quirky to basic, from meat lover to vegan, from entre to dessert. Food truck culture is super popular at weddings, invoking the ideals of yesteryear.

    • Wedding Proposal Album

      4. Gourmet Finger Food

      If you like the idea of individual portions, rather than big bowls of food were everyone picks around in, and kids making a mess of things, try gourmet finger foods. Sliders – petite buns filled with seriously delicious fillings - are a great crowd favourite. Or try croquettes, canapes, mini pizza, mini rolls of all kinds, the list is endless. These are also easily adapted to your budget – the more money you can spend, the more elaborate and special each bite will be, but even a modest budget will provide you with great food.

    • Wedding Pig Spit

      5. Meat

      In step with the more rustic barn weddings so popular today, a revival of more traditional and rustic styles of cooking, such as the classic spit roast and BBQ’s are back in fashion. To make your wedding feast feel more special try using less common meats like kangaroo, duck or crocodile. If you are considering a ‘whole animal’ spit roast, keep your more sensitive vegetarian guests in mind, they will not enjoy this kind of feast one bit.
      Deliciously casual and a popular choice of dining style for the more informal wedding, BBQ catering can be very gourmet indeed, especially when teamed with grilled king prawns and lobster.

    • Wedding Desserts

      6. Delicious Desserts

      Hanging cakes decorated with lush green vines and flower buds, high tea mini sweets, jar cakes, mini éclairs, decadent cheese towers with a garnish of native flowers, berries, nuts and rustic props. No matter how you present the sweet delights, desserts are almost every ones favourite. The beauty of a dessert buffet is the variety of choices you can present to your guests, with your wedding cake right in the middle for everyone to admire.

Useful Design Tips

1. Use a mirror behind your food table to make the spread look more impressive.
2. Stick to one consistent theme.
3. Cater for special dietary requirements like vegan, gluten free etc.
4. Have enough bins for your guests to discard their rubbish.
5. In hot areas keep food safely cooled or heated to avoid food poisoning.