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Some of the new wedding trends emerging for 2018 are very exciting. Natural textures and materials are in, transparent decor, agate, crystals and pearls, entertainment and food are both becoming more exciting, dresses become more streamlined and colours become bolder. 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year to get married.

    • Bold colour choices

      1. Color Palette

      The color of the year 2018 is – Purple (incl. wine, lilac, lavender and mauve). We expect to see plenty of purple floral inspiration, wedding stationary, table décor, plus new-age additions like crystals and agate, used as name cards, table numbers, ring box etc. Purple also makes the perfect partner to gold accents to luxe up any design.
      If you are more of a traditionalist and the idea of purple does not entice you, create some drama with black accents in your decoration. Paired with metallic touches of industrial look copper you will have the perfect autumn wedding color palette. Use lots of candles around your copper accents, creating beautiful reflections.
      Another option for 2018 is midnight blue, especially in wedding attire, replacing black.

    • Hanging Floral Display

      2. Hanging Flowers

      In 2018 we expect to see more of a creative approach to floral displays, with hanging flowers or greenery above tables, creating more space on tables for candles and food and just some small clusters of flowers with just one or two types of flowers. Take note of the vases too: eclectic mixes of old and new, coloured glass and geometric shapes are in. The big trend for 2018 will be darker, detailed, and textured florals, creating more drama. And for something really new, look into wedding wreaths, made up of wispy grasses, wild flowers and sweet smelling eucalyptus greens. Definitely out are the huge flower walls.

    • Hanging Floral display

      3. Geode Wedding Cake

      The new geode wedding cakes are just stunning to look at and will be a talking point at any wedding. More and more couples are however going for the dessert buffet, with multiple flavours and sizes, but you can still have a wedding cake or maybe its mini version the cupcake. Even the cupcakes can be glamorous, with mini geode versions, lace toppings or whatever your theme might be.

    • TransparentWedding Decor

      4. Transparent Decor

      Transparent settings and décor, light bright spaces with an abundance of glass, semitransparent papers, venues surrounded by floor to ceiling glass, see-through chairs and tables, glass domes surrounding table decorations, are all perfect for modern, minimalist couples who like clean lines and no clutter.

    • Wedding Food

      5. Modern Wedding Food

      Modern couples are more often opting out of the traditional 3-course menu for their wedding reception and instead choosing food they like. Food vans, portable pizza ovens, finger foods, roll you own sushi, spit roasts and ethnic foods are all popular options. Food and drinks are more and more viewed as part of the entertainment, so be creative, use local ingredients and food that means something to you. Also coming back into fashion is the punch table, alcoholic or otherwise, where guests can mingle and fill up their own drinks.

    • Wedding stationary

      6. Wedding Stationary

      Invites and name places are getting more creative with couples getting more adventurous with the choice of materials used. Fabric, Perspex, stone and wood, can all be used to add a twist or to tie in with the overall wedding theme. Who wouldn’t like to see their name in gold letters on a strikingly beautiful slice of agate. Sparkle is on the way out, but pearls are in – and not just on the stationary.

    • reducing guest list

      7. Cutting the numbers

      Many couples decide to have a shorter guest list, leaving off relatives they do not normally socialize with and rather choosing to only invite people that matter to them. This frees up money to be spend on things couples really want, making modern weddings more individualized than ever. This also has an impact on the number of bridesmaids chosen, with many opting to only have a maid of honor or only having some cute flower girls and a ring bearer. Keeping the wedding more intimate also makes for a better ‘After Party’, which many couples put a lot more thought into, and finances towards. The look and vibe of these weddings is down to earth, approachable, but special.

    • Wedding Entertainment

      8. Entertaining Guests

      2018 wedding couples are all about creating an incredible experience for their guests, incorporating interactive elements into their wedding with creative food ideas, music, cabaret singers, close up magicians, caricature artists. Or try a pair of duelling DJs to get the party going, incorporate a cultural ceremony, or hire a GIF-maker photo booth that lets your guests play around with their pictures and print out an instant photobook.

    • Rustic wedding decor

      9. Woodsy

      2017 has seen a lot of rustic barn weddings. This trend is growing up and morphing into a more woodsy look, with a lot of greenery in the florals and real wood décor, incl. invitations, table numbers, seating cards, tags, signage, chairs and tables and for a more glam look add the stone, geode and crystal décor as accents

    • wedding dress, trends 2018

      10. Wedding Dress

      2018 will bring fairly minimal gowns and veils, often adorned with 3D flowers or white feathers, adding a touch of whimsy. Extravagant flowing capes add interest to the more plain wedding dresses and can be embellished with pearls or crystal for extra impact. Gone are the ridiculously huge ballgowns that didn't fit into any chair and made the bride reliant on her bridesmaids to help her with everything. Slim, slender and see through are all the rage and if you are having a winter wedding, add some white feathers to your dress, veil or shawl.

Wedding Trends 2018

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