Bridal Showers

The tradition of “Bridal Wedding Showers” started in Holland many years ago. When a very rich girl wanted to marry a poor man, the girl’s Father refused to give her a dowry, hoping this would put her off marrying the poor man. But love conquers all - she decided that she would marry for love and not money. When all the towns’ people heard this they showered the couple with everything they would need, starting a tradition. Nowadays we tend to call them “hens parties” or “bachelorette parties”. Check out our wide range of exciting and unique ideas for your "hens" or "bachelorette" parties and the wonderful places where you can hold your party.
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    Packages by Kate Payne

    Bridal Showers & Packages. Pamper Packages available include Bridal Party & Ultimate Glow - Bride & Groom Pre-wedding - Mother and Bride Makeup and Pamper. Bookings required in advance to confirm availability. For full package details tailored to suite email Kate or phone 0417 889 923 Monday to Saturday between 9am - 5pm.