Surviving your big day with minimal stress

No bride is an expert at preparing, managing and planning a wedding.  There are a multitude of professionals that can help you with every aspect of your big day, just make sure you talk to everyone in detail, so everybody knows exactly what you want from them. Don’t be afraid to question what is being arranged on your behalf and make sure you are happy with all aspects of the plans. Do not feel intimidated or embarrassed to say that the pricing is outside of your budget or the colours are all wrong or the whole thing is just plainly getting out of hand. There is always an alternative solution to achieve your desired result.

Good communication is key, but keep in mind that some of the hardest people to be honest with are your friends and family. Everyone is there to make this the best day for you both and to make you happy – some people just might to get reminded of that!

To help you not to feel overwhelmed by the whole process, here are a few tips to stay calm and collected.

  1. Learn to meditate or practice mindfulness before your big day, so you feel comfortable and find it easy to use these techniques on your wedding day.  These techniques are great for any stress full time of your life, so it’s a great skill to learn.
  2. On your wedding day start with at least 10 minutes of meditation to calm yourself and energize.  Begin your meditation by setting aside your mental lists of all the things you still need to do, clear your mind and focus on yourself.  Make sure the place you are in is warm and has some soothing smells, lavender or chamomile are ideal.
  3. Wedding days are always very busy, so the best technique to use during the day is mindfulness.  Take control of your mind by paying attention to your body. Take several slow, long breaths and focus on feeling the beat of your heart. Just before you walk down the aisle breathe in slowly the fragrance of the flowers in your bouquet.  Feel the petals on your skin.  Relax your fingers, hands, shoulders, jaw and breathe.  Feel your feet grounded in your shoes on the floor. Breathe in and imagine yourself almost floating. Calm down, breathe.

These techniques will help you savour every moment of your big day without getting overwhelmed and feeling the whole thing as a barely conscious blur.

Enjoy the intensity without any stress.